Case Studies

Great Minds Curricula Help Lead California School to Top Ratings

In 2018, Scholarship Prep Charter School in Santa Ana, California, had a banner year for student achievement in math and English language arts (ELA).

Set Expectations High and Students Will Meet Them

Teachers at Second Street Elementary School in Frankfort, Kentucky have discovered that with Eureka Math, students will meet high expectations.

Shelby County Expands Eureka math District-wide

Shelby County, Tennessee's largest district, is implementing Eureka Math district-wide after a successful pilot in 18 of its schools.

Principal Training Is Key to Math Success

Harrison School District 2 in Colorado Springs, CO has found tremendous success in training teachers and administrators on Eureka Math.

Be Prepared, Be Flexible, Be Patient

Advice on Eureka Math implementation from Solomon Schechter Day School north of Chicago, IL.

Taking Math Instruction to the Next Level in Massachusetts

Westborough Public Schools, a high-achieving Massachusetts school district, is pushing students to go deeper in math with the help of Eureka Math.


A need for more rigor in the classroom led to Dickinson Public Schools' pilot and adoption of Eureka Math.

Colorado District's Tips For Eureka Math Implementation

Colorado's Sand Creek Zone in Falcon District 49 offers tips for a successful Eureka Math implementation.

Q&A with a Curriculum Fellow: Jessica Noh

Fourth-Year Teacher Calls Eureka Math “A Complete Paradigm Shift”